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Gary Scully

Gary began his musical journey age ten taking up the guitar, singing and songwriting. Not before long he had his first 4 track recorder and realized his fascination with the technical side of music .
Music was Gary's major focus throughout his school years taking the subject straight from secondary level into 3rd level education, studying first music performance, then sound engineering and electronics.
During this time Gary played in multiple bands of varying styles and worked in some of Ireland's finest studios.

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Since his arrival in Berlin, Gary has worked in several mastering studios mastering all styles of music and working on projects from some of Germany's leading artists.
Being a songwriter and musician himself, Gary fully understands the importance of communicating with the artist to fulfill there sonic goal.


The studio is situated between Rosenthaler Platz and Rosaluxemburg Platz in the heart of Berlin. There are both hotels and hostels a stones throw away from the studio and an excellent variety of restaurants, bars and clubs in the surrounding area. This makes it easy for clients from abroad to visit the city and sit in on sessions.
All clients attending sessions will be made to feel at home here in the studio, offered drinks and snacks throughout the day, and are free to communicate with Gary throughout the session in a relaxed atmosphere.

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