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The purpose of the frequently asked questions section is to clear up any uncertainties you may have with regards to Mastering.
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask through our contact section.


What is Mastering ?

Mastering is the final process in the production chain, the last chance to put your music under the audio microscope and unlock its full potential before replication.

Why should I master ?

There are plenty of reasons for Mastering some of which are:

  1. to make an album cohesive from start to finish with respect to level and Sonics,
  2. to enhance your Sonics to their full potential
  3. to correct any unforeseen errors such as crackling hum or clipping.
  4. to give yourself piece of mind that your songs have been brought to their full potential before replication.

Are clients welcome during the Mastering process?

Yes. Clients are very welcome to come attend their session. The room sits up to four clients.

Should I master with digital or analogue?

We find that a mixture of both top quality digital and analogue processing generally serves the music best using each analogue device and high quality software device to their individual strengths.

How loud can you make my CD?

At Aquarius your music can be mastered to modern commercial release levels if required.
Although in the majority of cases our preference is to let music breath controlling yet preserving the songs dynamics and minimizing the loss of depth and distortion effects caused by over compression.

What if I want changes made after the session is complete ?

Everybody has their own sonic preferences. If you need changes made post session we are happy to communicate with you and make the necessary alterations.

What format should I send to Aquarius?

We can accept many types of format here at Aquarius but the ones we recommend are .wav and .aiff files.
We recommend that tracks are sent in 24 bit 44.1k, please send your tracks at the same sample rate and bit depth used for your project.
If you were working at 24bit 96 k then please send your files in the same fashion.
Please do not use dither when bouncing down your tracks.
We can except files on CD, DVD, USB stick, DAT, Cassette, Hard Drive, or from our e mastering ftp (file transfer protocol)

How long does it take to master an album?

Time can vary depending on the required amount of work for any giving track .
We find generally an hour per track is sufficient.

Do you provide Stem Mastering?

Yes we provide Stem Mastering. Stem Mastering generally requires more time which in turn costs more than standard stereo Mastering.

Should I process the mix buss?

Ideally no. We understand that some producers like to use a compressor on the mix buss as its part of their signature sound.
What we would ask is that you leave plenty of headroom and dynamic movement which gives us much more flexibility when processing your material.

Will my music be archived?

Aquarius provides a full back up on two separate hard drives for one year from the day the project is complete.
We are also happy to provide you with a back up of your project on DVD, this is time consuming and will require an extra charge.

How can I be totally sure about using Aquarius mastering before I pay for the session?

We are happy at Aquarius to master a song of your choice for free to prove the results our mastering can provide.
Just create an account and send us a track.
It is important for you to know that when we return the file it will only be a section of the track for you to evaluate.

Can I call Aquarius if I'm not sure about something?

Yes. If you are concerned or confused about anything prior to your session please feel free to get in touch.
You can reach us in many ways all listed in the contact section of our website.

What if I want changes made after the session is complete ?

Master revisions

We always work very hard to unsure customer satisfaction so (within reason) we are happy to do master revisions free of charge.

Mix revisions that need remastering

If a client decides post mastering that mix revisions are necessary we are happy to accommodate the first track free of charge.

After this we charge half of our standard fee for mix revisions as this is a time consuming process on the end of the mastering house.

Aquarius Mastering covers the cost of CD postage within Europe.

If it is necessary to resend CD's due to mix changes this cost is incurred by the client.